About Us

The Southern New Mexico Business Alliance is a nonpartisan group of community leaders who share a common passion for Las Cruces and its future. Most are business owners, blue-collar workers, or retirees who recognize that opportunities come from the success of our local businesses and don’t want those opportunities to go away.

The progression of SNMBA has been rapid and strong. As local business owners, we understand that the success of Las Cruces is greatly dependent upon our local families who understand the importance of small businesses within our community.

We exist to promote sound business principles that will help grow our community. We are looking after the future being crafted for our generations to come. As parents, we see the need to create a stable tomorrow for our children and all the children of Las Cruces.

We appreciate you visiting our page and encourage you to join us in creating a better Las Cruces for today and tomorrow.

Our Mission

The Southern New Mexico Business Alliance exists to foster a healthy balance between businesses and local government. SNMBA members are local, its money is local, and its focus is local.

Our History

Initially, SNMBA was an informal group but it became evident that the momentum was real and the group needed to formalize its existence. SNMBA was formed in 2014 and is actively growing its membership and donor base to promote sound business principles throughout Southern New Mexico.