Our Vision

The Southern New Mexico Business Alliance was created by the vision of local community leaders who recognized that we need, and deserve, a change from the anti-growth and excessive government control model. Nearly 70% of the workforce in Southern New Mexico is employed by the private sector, however, the voice of the private sector is too often drowned out by out-of-state special interest groups and elected officials whose anti-growth policies are negatively impacting our communities. Additionally, over one third of the land in our state is owned and controlled by the federal government and yet we see an overreaching, unsatisfied move on even more of our private lands and property rights by a government that has shown it refuses to operate within its fiscal and geographic means. We are forming an active coalition of individuals, businesses, employees and landowners to serve as the voice of the community to educate voters, promote pro-growth, pro-limited government candidates and support elected officials in creating prosperity in our region to help restore balance and common  sense to public policy in Southern New Mexico.


  • Saw victories in 80% of elections SNMBA targeted
  • Scored Southern New Mexico Legislative Candidates A-F on their business stance.
  • Successful in flipping our County Commission to a pro-business Commission in 2016
  • SNMBA-led education campaign defeated the GRT increase in Doña Ana County
  • Funded voter education through advertisements and direct mail
  • Kept our Ranchers and Farmers on the Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Conducted multiple large scale voter turnout operations through automated and live calls
  • Championed a successful voter education drive to encourage voters to make a change at the municipal level

Moving Forward

  • Identify, educate, train, and mobilize capable pro-business candidates
  • Low voter turnout elections like those seen in Southern New Mexico, make organizing a turnout operation critical. For 12 years, the anti-business community has organized and won
  • The “majority” on Las Cruces City Council was determined by less than 150 voters and the effect of that race translates into a negative economic impact on the region in the millions of dollars through the passage of anti-business policies
  • SNMBA educates voters on pro-business issues and candidates in strategically selected districts
  • We are compiling data on and identifying supporting voters to turnout to the polls
  • We will continue to use campaign best practices of voter education, supporter identification and voter turnout
  • Campaigns come in and set up every two years then move on; by having a long term presence, we plan to establish a relationship with the voter and build a superior database